Native sponsored advertisements

Show native promoted content from your users on your own site. We'll handle the billing, analytics and scheduling.

Backend Software Engineer

ABCDE Technologies


Full Time - $85,000

Embedded Software Engineer

DEF Technologies

Full Time - $42,500 - $55,000

Product Manager

VVK Technologies

Full Time - $45,000

What we do

Native in-house advertisements

We provide the platform and development tools required for partners and customers to natively sponsor products served by your business.

We put the power in our customers hands by handling payments, serving a fully-fledged dashboard to see ongoing performance and an easy to integrate slot system to allow fine grain control over advertisement positioning.

Development tools

Fantastic development tooling for ease of integration

We handle all the heavy lifting for you by providing a sophisticated API, pre built components and SDKs so you can get started right away!

Check out our GitHub for libraries in a selected list of supported languages.

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Pre-built portal

White-labelled Solution

We provide an out of the box white-labelled advertiser dashboard so you can start serving ads straight away.

Just add your branding, colors and subdomain right from the publisher dashboard to get up and running in less than a minute!

Once you're ready to build a custom experience, our API has all the tools you need!

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Why Enlay

Simple pricing model

You don't pay until you start earning! Our pricing is commission driven, not a bloaty contract.

Integrate within 30 minutes with our white label solution, or make it yours using our pre built components and SDKs.

We have a team of experts who can help you with any questions you may have.

Service reliability

We handle a lot of traffic

Millions of users see sponsored content served by us each month.


API Requests

Number of requests processed per day



Number of publishers using us



Payments processed through us



Guarenteed platform uptime

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